Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chase is 11 months!

Chase is walking! He looks like a little old man when he walks, he is the cutest! He loves putting legos, rocks, etc. in his mouth. He unwinds all the toilet paper and splashes in the toilet. The dog water is dumped at least once a day. He's a boy! But he makes up for it in the end because he is a snuggler.

Family room project

We recently tore out some really bad carpet and put Bellawood brazillian cherry hardwoods in its place.
Most of the first floor in our home already had them, so it was an easy decision of what kind of flooring to use. While were at it we also knocked out the hearth in front of the gas fireplace. Nathan helped his dad the whole time, they got it done in 2 days (just in time for a youth fireside the next day at our house!) I am so pleased with the final result so much easier to keep clean!