Thursday, March 4, 2010

Aileena's Radiation Graduation

On Aileena's last day of radiation January 22nd we had a party for 10 of her friends and some family and friends. The girls watched a movie and made their own ice cream sundaes. But the highlight of the evening was when 3 of the firefighters that responded to the our orginal call on Oct 8th showed up in their fire engine to say hi! We gave them a Thank you card and an invitation to Aileena's party a few days before the party. The firefighters didn't get the card until Jan 22nd which was the same day as Aileena's party and they just happened to be the ones on duty that night! The 3 fire fighters invited us to check out the fire station the next day and by chance we were able to meet the only female paramedic that reponded to our call. She just happened to be working that day also- the first time since this all started.
It was a great evening. It was a great way to celebrate the end of her treatment. On Feburary 10th Aileena had a followup MRI which was clear with no evidence of disease.