Saturday, September 19, 2009

I cannot believe my baby is a year old already. Chase is such a blessing in our family. He was a great sleeper and eater from the beginning. Such a calm happy baby. Now he is a little spitfire!
He has a little temper and gets into everything. He loves throwing things in the toilet, climbing on everything and "dancing" to any kind of music. When he hears music or any kind of beat he drops whatever mischief he is getting into and bounces. He has quite a vocabulary for a one year old he says mama, dada, hot(he heard it quite a bit when we went camping) uh oh, Ella, dog, woof(sometimes I think he thinks he's a dog) and Ew(When he sees dead bugs on the ground he let's us know, I'm just glad he doesn't eat them!)

After we had Ella I had the feeling that someone was missing that we had another little boy waiting to join our family. Patrick thought we were done, and I put the thought aside since we were in the process of selling our very small house and Ella was not even 2 yet. I prayed that Patrick and I would get the same answer, so that we would not have any doubts about whether we should have another baby or not. And our answer was...... Chase. I am so thankful that I have my little family I love being a mother.