Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas and Utah

We woke up Christmas morning and Santa had come! The day got even busier from there. We went to Patrick's parents home and opened presents with them and the kids aunts and uncles (and one future aunt!). From there, we went to Great Grandmas home, who we all call Baba for breakfast with lots of family.

We then flew to Utah to visit my family. It was a good day to fly because there was no line at all! We had a great time in Utah with my family and some friends. We took a family picture, shopped, went tubing, swimming in a neighbors pool, had lots of good food and treats and enjoyed being together. The kids also saw the movie 'Bedtime Story' and really enjoyed it. We returned New Years Day. We had a very fun Christmas spending time with all of our family in Seattle and Utah!
Here are some pictures:

Waiting for presents;
Santa came!

Opa (Grandpa) tubing;
Visiting our friends in Utah
1200' tubing hill

Christmas breakfast;
Ella & Oma (Grandma) swimming


V and Co. said...

hey sarah thanks for stopping by my blog. i can make quilts and i have in the past but they get pricey.($200 for a twin size) so if you are really interested we can talk details. lmk!

Dan said...

I was sad we didn't have time to try to see you while we were both in Utah. Looks like you had a great Christmas. The kids are so big! I can't believe it.

Dan said...

Woops! Really this is Amber :)