Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Eena Beena is 8!

Aileena woke up on her birthday and opened presents in our bed. We're not sure how that started, but it has become a family tradition. The queen size bed isn't cutting it anymore. Here she is birthday morning.

Aileena had a great birthday party on Saturday with lots of friends. They made tie dye shirts, ate pizza and enjoyed being together. Rather than presents for Aileena, she asked her friends to bring presents to donate to Children's Hospital. The kids loved it and Aileena enjoyed telling her friends about why their presents were so great for kids in the hospital. It gave her an opportunity to share a little bit about what she did while there. We are all so thankful for a place like Children's where Aileena got the best care she could get. On Wednesday, she'll be going to Patrick's Kiwanis meeting where they will be donating more unwrapped toys that she can take.

Some more pictures from the party:

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