Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The end of 2010!

2010 has been a long and stressful year for my family and I! But at the same time never ending blessings and love. In the last 15 years since Patrick and I have been married, I didn't have a primary care Doc. Because I was never sick. Until Sept 2010 Strep throat, cold and cough for 4 weeks, and then strep throat again, followed by a stomach bug. I have learned that I need to step back and slow down. I was making myself sick with worry and stress. I have also learned there are somethings that can wait or are not that important. Which has been hard for me since I like to be in control of everything! Going through Aileena's prognoses, surgery, recovery, radiation, and recovery, has taught me there are some things that are not in my control and I need to have hope and faith know my Heavenly Father loves us and knows what's best for us.

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